Homemade Skin Whitening

If you are a girl, who wants to get a fair and white skin, nothing could be more exciting than homemade skin whitening. If you look into the history of mankind, you will come across that fact that women have always tried to device the ways to enhance their beauty. People are always attracted to the  characteristics they do not have. For instance, a white girl likes to to get tanned skin, while a brown girl wants to achieve white skin.

=> Whiten Your Skin with this Natural Remedies <=

I remember the story of snow white that I read in my childhood. Most girls read this story in their childhoods and develop a desire to become just like snow white. Ever since the mankind has made advances, herbalists have devised new ways to use nature for the wellness of human beings. Similarly, herbalists have introduced new ways to achieve a fair and white complexion with herbs and fruits.

How exciting it would be to go to your kitchen and find some natural skin whitening products. Natural skin whitening masks are superb alternatives to the skin whitening creams that are available in market. These over the counter skin whitening creams contain harmful skin whitening agents such as hydro-quinine, mercury or kojic acid. These ingredients are used in these creams in dangerous concentrations.

These skin whitening creams produce fast but temporary results. They whiten your skin initially but cause permanent destruction in the end. Your skin becomes thin and a web of thin capillaries appears that looks weird. Skin whitening creams also make your skin more prone to sun damage and it may result in freckles, blemishes, brown spots and even skin cancers. That is why, the best solution for skin whitening is homemade skin whitening.

There is a multitude of homemade skin whitening masks that can be used on daily basis for getting fair and white skin. Natural skin whiteners are cheap and have no harmful side effects. Some of the natural homemade skin whitening masks are:

Lemon-Honey Homemade Skin Whitening Mask

Lemon is a natural skin lightener that is a rich source of Vitamin C. On the other hand, honey is one of the best natural moisturizers. Honey does not only hydrates your skin but also removes the sun damage. It removes the tan and improves your skin complexion. A lemon-honey mask is one of the most effective skin lightening masks for whitening your skin naturally.

Ingredients Of Mask


Gram-flour Yogurt Homemade Skin Whitening Mask

Gram-flour one of the most effective natural skin lightening agent that had been used in history by many beautiful women for making Ubtan. Yogurt is a natural skin moisturizer and a rich source of milk protein. A yogurt and gram-flour mask is best for skin whitening. It does not only whitens the skin but also makes it free on acne, blemishes and sunburn.



As you can see, it is very simple to make your own skin whitening cream at the comfort of you home. If you would like to learn more skin care recipes, we recommend you grab a copy of these recipes.